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SCADA Hardware


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MCA offers SCADA solutions including cellular routers for public, private, or gated networks — Remote Terminal Units (RTU)  for the automation and control of systems based on sensor data —  Private Cellular Networks (Nitro™)  for increased security and control —  and various secure Cloud Management Platforms.

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Water and Wastewater Utilities

Most water and wastewater utilities today rely on SCADA systems to support the demands of operating and monitoring key points in their distribution infrastructure across their sites and facilities. Possessing the right hardware and software ensures the seamless and efficient operation of your SCADA system, connecting central operations to remote assets in the field, enhancing productivity along with the safety and security of your utility assets and operations.

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Fire Station Alerting

When fire stations receive an emergency call, firefighters and emergency response teams need to mobilize as quickly as possible. Each step in the process from first receiving an emergency alert to first responders arrival on the scene is precious time not spent saving lives. Fire departments deploying SCADA systems within their stations greatly reduce response times by optimizing their system of alerts, as well as automating tasks that result in needless delays. 

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Manufacturing and Production

The information generated from SCADA systems expedites data-driven decisions, leading to increased output, reduced costs, and an advanced control of your enterprise’s processes. SCADA provides instant notifications and automated responses to alarms. With an instantaneous understanding of breakdowns and other issues in the production process, operators and backup systems respond quickly to reduce equipment downtime and product spoilage. 

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The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio and certified professionals that support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.