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Infinity and MCA Can Provide Your Organization With

Microwave Backhaul Solutions


We are the trusted advisor for a safe, secure, and efficient workplace.


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Infinity Technology Solutions, a key part of the data solutions team at Mobile Communications America, specializes in the development of broadband and critical communications infrastructure that help you connect today's technology with tomorrow's innovations.

Partner with MCA and Infinity to utilize enterprise-grade microwave backhaul, IP-MPLS routing, and optical networking systems and technologies.

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As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.


Service Providers (ISP/WISP)

To meet the demands of an ever-evolving and growing customer base, internet service providers need to continue to upgrade their systems and infrastructure. Providing reliable broadband service to a remote workforce, extending coverage to the suburbs, exburbs, and beyond, and preparing for the increased capacity and speed demands of the modern smart city, are but a few of the issues that confront service providers. Infinity’s integrated wired and wireless connectivity solutions with increased IP Network Security significantly raises the service levels of ISP’s, WISP’s, and Telco’s.

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Public and Private Utilities

Infinity has proven network solutions to connect remote resources and IP security to protect critical assets in the utilities from cyberattack. Utilities with a wide area network (WAN) benefit from the advantages of MPLS over internet. Infinity’s connectivity solutions for the utilities enables automation, harnessing the full power of Industrial IoT in the generation of the business models for the future.

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Public and Private Transportation

With a robust, comprehensive, and powerful network communication solution from Infinity, you can automate and efficiently manage your transportation assets. Infinity’s team of world-class engineers develop network communication systems that deliver voice, video, and data across the entire scope and breadth of your field of operations. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency for transportation.

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Public Safety Agencies

Public safety agencies have come to rely on mobile computing and network technologies to perform their vital role in protecting the public. Our police, firefighters, and first-responders depend on tablets, handhelds, and mobile video cameras to do their jobs. Infinity provides mission-critical backhaul and fiber connectivity solutions for our partners in public safety.

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K12 and Higher Education

For today’s educational institutions, keeping students, faculty, and staff connected requires a network with wide coverage and high-capacity, capable of delivering information at ultra-fast speeds. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi hotspots of yesterday simply cannot accommodate the modern campus. At Infinity we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of wired and wireless networking solutions that enable your students, educators, and administrators to stay connected regardless of the size, structure, or scope of your campus.

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The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio and certified professionals that support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.