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Our Solutions Improve Your Ability to Alert The Masses

Mass Notification Systems


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Having a functioning mass notification system is essential to the success and safety of your organization.  Our solutions incorporate multiple methods of communicating critical information to your people. From sirens, PA systems, lighting beacons, to indoor digital signage and more - we have the devices you need to alert, inform, and direct your people.

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As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.


RapidWarn Systems Deployed by MCA

The MNS team at MCA has deployed hundreds of mass notification systems that utilize the RapidWarn and Optiwarn applications across the USA from coast to coast in both government and commercial applications.

RapidWarn automates your siren system for effective emergency response. As an authorized RapidWarn distributor, MCA offers emergency management agencies and private businesses a way to activate warning sirens with simple push-button controls.


The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio and certified professionals that support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.


Education Sector

A mass notification system for schools includes more than just sirens. As a school administrator you need to notify parents, teachers, staff, and the community with important messages. Our siren systems and software services enable you to send messages over multiple channels. Alert involved people over voice, text, email, social media, and multiple other customizable channels. 

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Public Safety

In order to successfully and efficiently broadcast critical messages to large groups of people, emergency managers and public safety agencies need control of their notification and alert systems. With mass notification solutions from MCA, public safety managers can easily activate remote sirens, send alerts over multiple communication channels, among much else, in order to protect the public and reduce emergency response times.

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Public & Private Utilities

For utilities, there are myriads of potential jobsite hazards that can result in emergency situations. MCA has customizable and scalable mass notification solutions to fit your needs and keep your employees safe. We can install in-building emergency communications systems, outdoor Giant Voice systems, and add layer upon layer until your MNS ecosystem is complete.

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Manufacturing Plants

In a manufacturing plant or facility, loud working conditions and distractions makes notifying your workers difficult. With mass notification solutions from MCA, we design and implement systems that tie into your existing devices and infrastructure to alert workers when a critical incident occurs. Our systems direct your workers’ attention where it is most needed.

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Building Security

For public and private security agencies and facilities with increased security needs, mass notification systems from MCA have the ability to broadcast real-time threat alerts, conveying information to a large number of people. The main purpose of your mass notification solution is to quickly apprise and respond to potential threats and hazards as they arise. We give you the tools to alert your security teams and the public.

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