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Our Solutions Improve In-Building Wireless Coverage

Cellular Signal Enhancements


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As a Tier 1 Integrator, MCA is a turn-key provider of Carrier-Grade and Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS and ERRCS) that help ensure emergency responders, security teams, building visitors, hospital patients, and more can all easily communicate inside your facilities via cellular and radio channels.

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Education Sector

Reliable and efficient radio and cellular coverage across educational campuses and buildings is a must have for school safety personnel, staff, and students. We provide schools and universities wireless coverage enhancement solutions that boost in-building connectivity for first responders and cellular communications.

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Construction Industry

When constructing new buildings, you must ensure they are more than just architecturally sound. Every facility must also have a well-functioning radio and cellular coverage boosting system in place to help protect inhabitants, comply with local fire codes, and ensure guests have the best experiences possible.

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Public & Private Utilities

Industrial-Grade DAS solutions boost and evenly distribute radio signals throughout your buildings. Similarly, our Cellular DAS solutions boost LTE and 5G coverage and capacity. With both types of  systems from MCA, external signals from your teams in the field (whether via radio or cellular devices) can easily penetrate the exteriors of buildings that house management and other core operating functions.

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Hospitality Industry

MCA’s cellular enhancement DAS solutions provides your guests a consistently strong and seamless cellular wireless experience everywhere on your property, while providing your employees the radio coverage they need to do their jobs. With our Neutral-Host DAS solutions, you never need to worry about dropped signals or poor customer satisfaction.

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Within today’s healthcare complexes, radio and cellular networks often become congested. MCA has extensive experience installing Public Safety DAS systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for radio communications and Multi-Carrier DAS systems for cellular. Our cellular and radio enhancement systems provide everything you need to ensure clear communications between your janitorial, security, and public safety teams.

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Event Venues

MCA has installed cellular enhancement DAS solutions at arenas—including a well-known NBA arena—stadiums, and entertainment venues across the country. We give your event-goers the ultimate Smart Stadium experience with expanded cellular and radio coverage throughout your public entertainment venue.

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Manufacturing Plants

Radio communication remains the primary way those in the manufacturing sector communicate. With MCA’s in-building radio solutions, radio transmissions in manufacturing plants move seamlessly from the shop floor to the heart of your business’s operations center.

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Retail Outlets

Give your shoppers the best retail experience with expanded in-building multi-carrier cellular coverage with our Cellular DAS systems. For your workers, Cellular DAS offers strong and consistent connectivity for cashiers operating electronic POS systems, security teams monitoring wireless cameras, and other cellular and Wi-Fi connected devices like digital signs and kiosks.

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Airports & Public Venues

From corporate office parks to airports, MCA has worked with hundreds of large public venues to give them the enterprise-grade in-building cellular and Wi-fi networks they need for their business-critical operations. Our cellular enhancement solutions remedy the problems of poor and spotty coverage and reduce slowdowns associated with network congestion as your public venues reach full capacity.

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The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio and certified professionals that support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.



Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Public Safety Radio DAS solutions are essential to boosting comprehensive two-way radio coverage (RF) to satisfy local mandates established by the FCC with oversight provided by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC). Your building needs to be compliant in providing first responders two-way emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) for communications in emergency situations such as fire, security threats, and natural and manmade disasters.

For first responders to address a potentially life-threatening emergency in your building, two-way radio coverage needs to extend facility-wide to offices, basements, stairwells, electrical closets, elevator shafts, and parking garages.

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Radio Coverage Enhancements

Installing distributed antenna systems throughout your buildings or facilities serves a greater benefit than enabling first responders to communicate during an emergency. From an operational standpoint, reliable two-way radio coverage improves the productivity and safety of work teams engaged in building maintenance, engineering, operations, and security.

When your manufacturing, production, and security teams experience a loss of radio coverage or connectivity operating in hard to reach coverage areas, their safety is jeopardized, and their ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively is challenged.

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Cellular DAS Systems

Cellular Coverage Enhancements

With the explosive increase in wireless communication devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops operating on carrier frequencies, in-building signal coverage can frequently become compromised. When your customers or tenants lose coverage, their dissatisfaction hurts your bottom line.

Along with the growing volume of devices fighting for bandwidth, new construction materials are equally to blame for the loss of coverage in buildings. The steel, concrete, and Low-E Glass impedes signal strength, requiring building and facility owners to enhance their in-building cellular coverage and capacity by installing a distributed antenna system.

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