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USAT and MCA Can Provide Your Organization With

LTE, PLTE, & 5G Solutions


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USAT LLC, a key part of the data solutions team at Mobile Communications America, exists to serve our nations critical infrastructure by creating secure communication networks that pass data wirelessly between key systems — linking remote personnel and machine assets. 

Partner with MCA and USAT for top-of-the-line communications devices, management platforms, and accessories to suit your organizations' exacting needs.

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As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.


Public and Private Utilities


Major utility companies are responsible for delivering water and power to organizations and individuals alike. Every utility needs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their diverse assets and operations. Flexible, secure, and cost-effective communications solutions make such improvements possible. Let the team at USAT and MCA provide your utility with the high-speed networks and rugged routers your fixed and mobile assets need to communicate in real-time.

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City and County Governments

Whether working with small townships, big cities, or nationwide agencies, we have decades of experience helping governmental agencies and organizations with their critical communications needs. Those organizations operating in the public sector need mobile, rugged, flexible, responsive, and secure IoT-enabled communications devices. Our devices paired with flexible software allow connectivity in real-time to tackle the challenges of governing our nation. Reach out to us and see how our organization can help yours achieve its connectivity initiatives.

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Public Safety Agencies

Our public safety solutions offer various types of first responders secure and reliable connectivity to mission-critical public safety networks. We're ready to help match your organization with our wide portfolio of rugged and reliable wireless router solutions. We'll find the perfect devices for all your vehicle, station, and IoT connectivity initiatives. We're here to ensure your teams stay safe, respond quickly, and perform at their best.

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K12 and Higher Education

In today's world, providing students internet access is just as important as  giving them textbooks and pencils. Whether providing Wi-Fi access on buses or supplying cloud-managed routers for staff and students to teach and learn from home, school districts require flexible, reliable, internet access that’s easy to scale, secure, and manage from anywhere. USAT and MCA can provide the wireless connectivity solutions your school needs to bridge the digital divide — ensuring students reach their full potential.

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Public and Private Transportation

Technology within the public and private transportation industries has developed quickly over last several years. Fueled by wireless communications devices, these technological advances deliver reliable and secure internet connectivity for a wide area of applications. We has have IoT-enabled routers, attendant peripherals, and private communications networks your organization needs. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for your vehicle fleet today. 

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Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturer and OEM clients leverage our Express M2M Prime private network along with industrial-grade IoT routers and antenna systems to build managed service offerings to monitor, manage and control their equipment. These new offerings enhance their end-user customer experience and bolster their sales with ongoing service revenue. USAT and MCA understand the importance of building advanced, industry-leveraged IoT-enabled solutions. The professional strategies we employ are cost-effective, low-risk, and quick to deploy.

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Hospitals and Medical Centers

We have an extensive offering of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that make monitoring and connectivity breakthroughs in the medical field possible. Reach out to us today to capitalize on the potential that increased connectivity has to offer towards improved patient health and safety. Our advanced communications solutions empower your healthcare personnel to effectively deliver expert patient care. 

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Retail Operations

When a customer is standing in your retail store, bank branch, or at your mobile kiosk, ready to make a transaction, a poor connection can be all it takes to ruin a sale. The performance of your organizations' fixed-line communications can vary. The need for rapid and dependable wireless connections is essential to your organization's continued success. We provide reliable and secure communication devices and networks that are a sure-fire way to keep your business growing and your clients happy.

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Digital Signage

The modern consumer has their attention pulled in several directions simultaneously. In acknowledgement of this myriad of distractions retailers are changing the way they engage consumers to gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Smart signage, interactive kiosks, and even traffic control applications are allowing organizations to deliver messaging when and where it will have the greatest impact. Please reach out to our team of connectivity experts to acquire the wireless communications your digital signs need to function in the modern marketplace.

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The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio and certified professionals that support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.